Stripes, glitter and shattered glass

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

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When it comes to shopping, I think my least favorite part are accessories, I have to admit I am not a fan. I always find them really expensive, $30 for a pair of earrings, are you f✨✨ing kidding me? I could buy myself three bags of Sour Patch (1 kilo each) for that amount of money. I also tend to lose everything (I am sure my future children will have horrible stories of their mother losing them at Walmart) and my jewelry tends to have an approximate 3-month-life expectancy. I can also never get my ring size or my hat size right, which I very much regret when I have to write or if the wind is having a party. My necklaces just get tangled up all the time and earrings just irritate my earlobes. So, I was just about to give up on the hole glam glam deal when a new, fabulous trend came along…

Yes, you where right! Bandanas! They don’t cause irritation, they don’t itch, they have no sizes, they don’t get tangled up, they are harder to get lost… And boy, you can even find them at the astonishing price of $1,99. They can work as a headband, to tie a ponytail, as a choker, a little bracelet, you can even tie them on  your purse to make it look extra cute. And you can use them as a picnic tablecloth. 🙋

I know, I have rambled on enough so I will make this short. I am waring a LBT (little black dress) from American Eagle, Go Go boots from a little boutique, and the bandana is from Zara.



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